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A taste for everyone

We work as hard as our honeybees to craft the finest meads and honey based beverages you’ll find anywhere.

traditional flavor honey wine

Sweet and deep, with a thick, golden pour.

Our traditional mead is as classic as the days of yore and brewed with the nectar of our beloved, winged partners, the famous Carlisle honeybees.

Cyser flavor honey wine

Crisp and semi-sweet, with a sinister tart.

This contemporary Cyser uses fresh pressed apples, and has a tendency to make your spirit feel young and alive again.

Bamboo flavor honey wine

Dark and smoky, made by the luckiest of plants on earth.

This award-winning mead takes a hint from the honey of Japanese Knotweed blossoms, providing a unique take on a traditional art.

Blueberry flavor honey wine

Blueberries so nice, we named it twice.

This unique mead variety pairs the distinct sweetness of blueberry blossom honey with real blueberries, picked straight from the wilderness of Maine. Sweet and complex. Tart and wild. A taste for everyone.

Honey and Spice flavor honey wine

A celebration of warmth and zest.

Lift your winter spirits with our seasonal twist of sweet vanilla, and comforting aroma of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and anise.

About Us

Home to HoneyBound Meadery, Carlisle Honey and New England Beekeeping,
The Colony is New England's largest supplier of honey related products.

The Colony

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Our History

A sweet story.

  • 2005

    Rick Has a Dream

    Rick Reault had found great success in the construction trade — but he found himself wanting more. In 2005, It was time to take a leap and try turning a part-time passion into a full-time career. Leveraging his honed business skills, he founded New England Beekeeping, a supplier of honeybees and beekeeping equipment to local customers, and Beecause Apiaries, a supplier of honey to local farm stands.

  • 2012

    It Just Gets Sweeter

    With a rising demand for natural, healthy foods, Rick knew that his love of honey was soon to be everyone's love of honey. In 2012 he aquired Carlisle Honey, an established local honey supplier, to help him bring his Beecause Apiaries honey to market.

  • 2018

    The Colony

    By 2018, New England Beekeeping and Carlisle Honey had become the largest distributors of honey and beekeeping supplies in New England. Still operating out of Rick's basement, the business needed room to breath, so a brand new facility was erected at 7 Locust Ave in Tyngsboro, MA which Rick dubbed "The Colony".

  • 2019

    Time to Make a Buzz

    With more space to work and more hands to help, The Colony embarked on a new honey project: HoneyBound Meadery. Launching with a showcase of three flavors, HoneyBound Meadery aims to bring the wonderful qualities of New England honey the new stage of alcoholic beverages.

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